Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Here's a little update: My summer break

Stoked on my summer break! I decided to take a week off right when school ended to do nothing- well, I did run down to northern Baja, surfed every day that it was do-able and then there's a whole other project I'm determined to get finished this summer. Actually, my wife gave me an ultimatum... the boat must be finished or it goes in the dumpster... so you can see I've been busy, even if it is my summer break.

The posts have been a little scarce lately. I know, I know, you all want your daily dose of new stuff... well, like I said- I needed a break and so I took it. But, don't worry- I'm coming back on line with some great stuff.

Here's a couple shots of the past week's highlights:

We did get some surf... as a matter of fact there were a couple of stellar mornings when the sun finally came out and my Seattle-style, June gloom depression wore off. Jeff Wallis was on it this morning knocking out some sweet shots. If you want a photo session contact me and I'll put you in touch. Here's me wrapping my new/old, favorite turn... I've been experimenting with a new/old paddle technique for this turn- couple more sessions and I should be able to give up the goods about my paddle style for this turn.

All right, here's my new preoccupation: a stitch-and-glue wooden boat called a Wine Glass Wherry. This is going to be one sweet little dory when it's done. I've even got a killer pair of eight foot oars for it. This boat has sat in my garage for about six years now- partially assembled, taking up valuable space in the garage that has since been annexed by my wife- she's decided it's her new wood shop (she's got some unreal woodshop machinery). So the boat has to be built or burned...

Hope you don't mind but I'll be adding some boat building updates to the blog. Here I'm caulking all the seams with West Systems epoxy. The syringe allows me to get the epoxy deep into the seams. The frames you see inside of the boat are temporary. They'll be replaced by seats and thwarts (don't ask me the difference). The boat is really coming together- she's got sweet lines and with a little sanding the hull is beginning to look good. I'm a little nervous about the giant epoxy and fiberglass laminating job that is just around the corner but I'll figure it out all right. More pics to come.

Finally, our Northern Baja shake down trip went really well. I promise more surf photos to come. Until then, you'll have to admire the two giant lobster platters we were forced to eat both nights that we were there. I ate lobster until I couldn't eat anymore, drank a margarita and a beer and munched chips and guacamole. Total cost? Twenty bucks.

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