Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Some overdue photos: Pinky, Javi, Brent... the usual suspects.

A bunch of photos I should've posted up a long time ago (my apologies to all parties involved). These are all courtesy of lensman Jeff Wallis. Check 'em out:

Photo: Pinky, chucking his trusty Isle stand up board into the lip. Pinky's not a small guy so if this is your view on the way out my advice is to ditch... and dive.

Photo: Javi on the same day... slashing. The surf looks so fun there- bummed I missed that one.

Photo: Pinky, el-wrap-o.

Photo: Nose riding.

Photo: Brent snagged that Stamps 8'6" Grim Ripper that was for sale not too long ago. His standard board is a 5'10 x super narrow x ridiculously thin potato chip of a short board... which he rips. This was his second time ever out in the surf with a stand up board.

Photo: Kind of looks like he knows what he's doing...

Photo: Taking aim...

Photo: Like I said, second time in the surf... the rippers who are now putting paddles into their hands are going to make us all look slow and old.

Photo: My new favorite board of all time... 9'1 Stamps Viking Bump... running Futures GL thruster set of course!

Photo: She's a tippy little vixen but I'll take the trade off in stability for her performance gains... such a sweet board.

Boat Update: Sanding, sanding, sanding.... the manual says, "some fairing may be required" that means... get ready for three days of sanding... at least!


Capt Ron said...

I see shopping carts going off the top, and your sander matches that little girly man grill you got. Ask Tim if you could borrow one of his old Milwalkis or hitachi sanders and a old medium pad. It will cut your work down to a few hours. Or even better pay his sander to come knock it down for you while you sit back UP WIND and have a few cold ones while he does the work.
That boat will make a nice koi pond when you are done.
Just giving you a hard time John you have way better surf than us and that cool water looks refreshing the heat is brutal here 105 f and 90% humidity today.


John Ashley said...


The plywood that thing is made of is only 8mm! Afraid to use anything more masculine on it or it'd eat right through it... good idea on the drinking cold beers though!

Koi pond? I was thinking more of a sandbox.