Saturday, June 19, 2010

New Board: Kiwi's 8'6 x 28 3/4" Stu Kenson

Summer means new boards... time to freshen up the quiver. Nothing get's you fired up to ride onshore, junky, foggy waves like a new board in your hands. Kiwi's been working with San Diego shaper Stu Kenson for quite awhile, tuning up his carbon fiber raceboards and hopping on a new surf stand-o now and again. This is their latest collaboration- the thing is super light, feels just like a surfboard and according to eyewitness accounts from this morning, surfs insane.

Check it out:

Photo: Nice paint job. The hot stand up boards are looking more and more like regular surfboards- with tweaks here and there to hide volume and provide a modicum of stability.

Photo: Yeah Kiwi! Can't wait to get some video of that thing in action. At 28 3/4" wide and 4.25" thick the board isn't in the "ridiculously-narrow-ultrachippy-impossible-to-stand-on" category which makes it accessible for everyday stand up surfers. If you've got access, talk to a shaper who paddles, surfs and has made a few boards... those are the ones you want to work with.

Photo: Sweet lines on that...

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