Monday, June 21, 2010

My wooden boat update part I: Paddle related because it's got oars!

So, remember I've been working on building this 14' wooden dory called a Wineglass Wherry? Well, in between mowing the lawn, painting the house and going for stand-o sessions, I've been slowly but surely knocking this thing out. Here's a little update of what's been happening:

Here she is, just pulled out of her resting place in the garage. I've just blown her dust free (she's been sitting there for more than five years- partially completed) and we're getting ready to caulk her seams with epoxy.

Kevin came by one afternoon and helped pull the wire ties from the hull. Kevin turned me on to some killer new (well, new to me) music. Langhorn Slim... digging it.

Of course, what's an afternoon of boat building if you can't kick back an enjoy a couple of Fat Tire ales?

The epoxy in the seams oozes through to the other side and it needs to be sanded down smoothly to the hull. In addition, you've got to caulk the hull from the outside too and those beads need to be sanded smooth. Finally, all of the chines (the parts of the hull where the individual pieces of wood meet) need to be smoothly rounded so that the fiberglass lays flat and smooth over them. What does this all mean? It means you'll get to love your sander. Here's a spooky shot of the hull with blue tape reminding me of spots that need to be sanded smooth.

And so, I sand. Wow, I'm really going at it- my arm's a blur! Or am I just messing around with my camera and my new tripod? Maybe a little of both.

Check back for Update Part II!

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