Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Used Stamps 8'10 Ninja Bump $800: Love the spray job!

Here's a killer looking board for sale- barely used. This one's from a friend who's moving to something a little smaller:

I am getting ready to sell my Stamps 8'10 SUP. It is a custom for me at 140 lbs. I only need to get $800 for it. Zero dings, never have been, super light, 9 months old.  I could go narrower (hence the sale), so I expect that this board could float a paddler up to 170 lbs. 
Contact info:

Photo: Hey, aren't those my colors?

Photo: Ninja bump with the rounded pin... killer board for the right sized person- Chris is going to send me the dimensions on this one. Love the white deck.

Photo: I think I'd run the regular Gerry Lopez fin in the box and move it to about a quarter of an inch of the back of the box... that's where it works best for me... just sayin'.

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