Monday, June 28, 2010

Wineglass Wherry Update Part V

And the build continues... 

Here's my list of activities... what do you think the operative word of the day is? And, no it's not number 6.

Time to replace the sand paper... I do this a lot. You can see just over my shoulder that I've feathered down the reinforcing glass at the butt seams. There's a lot of glass there. To begin with you but the pieces together with four inch fiber glass tape on both sides. Then, on the bottom of the hull, there's three more layers of six ounce glass over that seam. On the inside you lay down a three inch strip of fiberglass tape, glass, sand and feather it and then lay an additional four inch piece of fiberglass tape over that. And then... you glass the whole inside of the boat with six ounce cloth which is double layered on the bottom. You can see, that butt seam is reinforced!

A couple more boat experts come by to visit: Jenny and Pilgy. Here, I've resaturated the sanded out cloth. And now, I've got to make a decision- the inside of the hull has lots of ridges and gaps and unevenness that will make laying down a smooth layer of laminated fiberglass really difficult. Do I: A. Sand everything down flush, possibly sanding through some of the layers of plywood. Or do I: B. Fill the gaps with fairing compound and then sand that all down- the upside being I don't get into the wood, the downside is it's another couple of days of drying epoxy, sanding and then resaturating any sanded wood. I chose B. World of sanding, here I come.


Andy Gere said...

John, love the work on the boat. Is it a Chesapeake Light Craft design? I built one of their kayaks some years ago, super fast, pick up truck cargo capacity and pretty nice to look at. I've been away from the blog for a while, your brother tipped me off. Good on ya.

For inspiration, check it:

John Ashley said...

Hi Andy-

Thanks! It's been a lot of fun and I'm hoping to have it done in the next couple of weeks (at least to the point where I can start prepping it for paint).

It's a Pygmy Boats design... I did look a the CLC dories though and I think I may want to make one someday (this boat thing gets under your skin).

I'll swing by and check out your kayak build... I predict that it's beautiful!

Hope you're getting some south swell... it's been good here.

Anonymous said...

We got some of the south, but not nearly as good as what I'm seeing here. I hit it early Sunday, and post work last night. All but gone by tonight. Did the short course at the Jay Race on Sat. on the wooden Waveyarder and ground my way to 10th out of 31 in the stock class. Home builts work! Let me know if you want any tips on the finishing, I know what works, but more importantly what does not! If you can hook the sander to the shop vac you'll be way ahead of the game. I got a skinny hose and adapter at Home Depot for a few bucks and it really makes a huge difference.


And yeah, the boat thing does get under your skin, and you've got it baaaadddd.