Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hey... I WON SOMETHING! And need photogear advice.

Had to happen sometime! I won a photo contest with my entry shot down in Southern Baja this last winter. Now I know it wasn't a National Geographic Contest or anything... but I'm stoked.

Go check out Manny Vargas's blog site for the next contest....

Looks like I'm going to the WaveHouse... I want to sit in the tube on a bodyboard and sip a MaiTai. Really, though- anybody have any experience on that thing? I have a feeling that it's more difficult than it looks. But it does look FUN!

Been preoccupied with photogear lately- like weird-preoccupied. It's a battle between less body (Canon Rebel t2i) with some bad ass lenses: 70 - 200 IS L and a Tokina Wide Angle or more body (Canon 7d) and less lens (just the wide angle). Any opinions out there on photo gear... fire away, please!


Unknown said...

I've been to the wave house a number of times. From my experience, especially on the big wave, it is more like snowboarding than surfing when you start. Have fun and don't be afraid to use the rope.

I just purchased a Canon 7d and I am blown away by this camera. I am not a professional photographer but I am amazed at the ease to which I am able to capture some great pictures. The coolest feature and the one I bought this camera for is the fact that it takes amazing video. Full HD video combined with all of the controls of an SLR gives you the ability to pull off cinematic quality video through all your SLR lenses.

The coolest video feature, which I think is exclusive to the 7d is the ability to record HD video at 60 fps. That means that the camera is recording twice as many frames per second than your normal video camera. That means you can slow the video down in post production without any lost of quality.

That feature combined with surfing could provide some damn interesting high quality video.

John Ashley said...

Hey Larry-

Great advice- honestly, I think I may stay with the bodyboard on that thing... don't want to pass out too many free laughs to the peanut gallery!

I am leaning toward the 7d... and that video ability is pretty impressive. I checked out a couple of vids on youtube shot with the 7d and realized that you could do things with that camera that I wanted to do with my current rig but couldn't.

Also- I like the fast frame rate and the build with weather sealing etc. since it'll be going south.

Thanks for the advice... invaluable!

Jeff Wallis said...


If you think the board addiction is "SICK", once your bit by the photo bug "YOUR DONE" LOL!!!

Get ya some!!