Thursday, June 24, 2010

Used Stamps 8'10 Ninja Bump $800: A little more info...

 Board is SOLD!!

Here is a little video clip, the dimensions and a little more info about the 8'10 Stamps for sale:

"A couple things that I didn't mention. The board had two extra boxes add (per Tim's instructions) at Roper's here in S.D, so it is a four plus one now! I can't include the Gerry Lopez side fins with it, but I have a lot of other quality Future side fins the buyer can choose from! This board rips. Noserides, trims insane, but low volume tail allows you to go hard off the bottom!"

The dimensions are 8'10 x 28" x 3 3/4".

small beachbreak sup from chris geremia on Vimeo.

Buy it, contact:

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