Sunday, August 29, 2010

My new mid size surf SUP The 7'10"

Editor's Note: Here it is- the board I've been hearing so much about! Stoked that Capt. Ron put this up because the idea that he could build a sub-9'0 board with the stability of a 10' and the rip-ability of a, well, 7'10" was, to say the least, intriguing to me. Now I'm going to drop the gauntlet on him: Ron, we're waiting for a video of this thing going off- and you can even edit the clip to Black Oak Arkansas, Skynyrd or, heck, even Kid Rock... we won't hold it against you.

Giving a test paddle in the river pretty stable looks like a 5'10 fish with my big azz on it...

A little styling airbrush in the lam room getting glass.

Proud to be a american craftsman...

Nice foil and rocker even though its pretty thick 168ltrs roughly.

Me leaning it over for a pic nice slow neutral rail to rail reaction, no more tippy than my 9'ers I can ride this in chop.

The rack foil shot ready for a deck lam. Stoked on the new board have a hurricane swell right now and will be getting some gopro shots. How is my airbrush?
Any Questions? John you and your boys will be getting a demo model soon I think you will be blown away by the stabilty and overall manuverability. I call this series the 10's there is 2 to 3 more models coming out of the shop. A 8'10", 7'10", 6'10" and possibly if the math, rocker, and foil come together the 5'10" SUP's.
Capt Ron


Anonymous said...

how can i get one

John Ashley said...

Oooooh you little tease! Don't be messing with my head Capt...

That thing looks very, very interesting....

How heavy are you? And what's the width and thickness on that bad boy?

One more thing- did you do that spray? Super cool looking.

Capt Ron said... call to order, about a 10 day delivery time right now barring one of these hurricanes don't blow us away.

Yep I sprayed it, shaped it, glassed it, designed the foil, built the blank, I am now 210lbs I was heavier than you, John I would get you one with about 1/2" thicker. Its 29.75" wide my width its 5.25" thick flat deck. It would float you fine but a little more volume would give you more of a neutral rail which makes it alot more stable than a overly floaty or to thin a rail.
Don't let the wide nose fool you I do special things to the bottom contours up front and rocker to make that nose handle better than a pointy one you can come straight down off the top and stuff that nose and 9X's out of 10 it will pop right back out. All at the same time it carries more weight and stability and is easier to go over big chunks of white water than a narrower nose.

Capt Ron said...

Oh Yeah This thing will GO OFF!!! The rockers and bottom contours I have developed for these things make it both fast and highly manuverable. It will pull sharp arcs like a 6'2 prone board.
Pics and video coming as soon as this darn onshore wind gets down below 20mph.

Anonymous said...

Captain Ron's got the idea...

Wider nose, drawn in tail... SUPER sharp rails... thought I saw a bit of a concave in the release area...

If I promise not to rode it at the Boneyard, I might have to borrow it immediately upon arrival... and medical clearance...

Strand the Board Whore

Anonymous said...

Maybe Capt Ron has a demo board for
us head spinning 9 foot fat boys.
,No hurricanes out here , You can test the lard factor in the shorebreak.