Tuesday, April 12, 2011

1.5 Days of fun surf... Hello from Mainland Mex!

Got here last night, jammed out of the airport and pulled up to our house-on-the-point. Immediately pulled the boards, fins and paddles out and hit the water. The point looked fun, it was probably only two or three feet out but the stando makes it all fun. We all nabbed a bunch of waves and started cranking out cutback after cutback. The session only lasted a couple of hours before the sun set- a short one but a great way to wash off the residue of a day of traveling.

This is the first thing you look for when you get to an airport. Big Chad pointing the way.

Obligatory Bloody-Mary-from-LAX travel photo. Two of those, preflight, make the trip go a lot more smoothly.

In the air and at work- kind of. I would have posted from 30,000 feet up but Alaskan wanted to charge me close to ten bucks to do it.

Yes, there will be dents in that roof- five surf boards, two standos, four paddles and whatever else we could jam in the boardbags- that's a lot of weight for that little Renault... but it must be done, right?

This guy is right outside the doors of the airport- when you get out of the A/C, I suggest that you head right to him because when that humidity hits you like a hot wet blanket, you're gonna need to hydrate.

Surf shots coming!

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cocco said...

Hey John! Hope you're having a blast. I'll just be sitting here at work checking out the surf pics and hating you. j/k. See ya at the next race!

John Ashley said...

Hey Cocco!

Don't hate me! I'm going to get you down here someday- and laugh while you tear this place apart!

See you at the Paddle for Humanity.