Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wondering about the Absolute Trip 12'6" Race board?

Happy to say it seems to work. Ned Johnson of Paddle board Orlando took a 2nd place trophy in the Water Monkey race in Tampa, Fl. today. They say he dominated the whole race out front then fell on a buoy turn got passed by 5 guys then hunted them down and went on to get 2nd place. I do not have the times yet but I am stoked. The board did everything I wanted it to but a side by side comparison of the Bark 12'6" its faster but did not have the glide of the Bark. So back to the shop last week. I tested the drag and the glide determined it was a weight issue "to light". I added a 3lb hot coat, re sanded the bottom and am hearing its blistering fast now. Apparently it works. 1st race, 1st trophy. Not Bad....

I tested it in the surf last week and it actually surfs pretty good I was catching swell outside and bringing them through no problem. Even went down the line. Pretty crazy I like it. Took it in the flat water with the PBO guys and I was on the Bark pulling hard on my paddle trying to catch my board and snapped my favorite paddle. Anyone have a fairly clean "Power ex" paddle they want to sell? I need a clean blade.

Capt Ron Neff


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That's a beautiful board.
Pura vida!