Monday, April 11, 2011

Big Chad goes to mainland Mex... with the FrankenZipper

So you're packing for your surf trip- it's late at night... and your board bag's zipper blows out. What do you do? Frankenzipper!

Big Chad is one resourceful guy... who's got a lot of zip ties.
If you're a real surfer you know that on a surf trip you have to have your own equipment... Big Chad's got a stando and a long board in there- both custom made for him... and they're both going to make it down there.
Zip ties, duct tape and saran wrap... the world is held together with this kind of stuff.
Nice work Big Chad... see you at 5am!


Anonymous said...

Great idea but I hope the TSA guys don't decide to open it.
Spiders Brother

Midlife Goddess said...

The boards are beautiful!!!