Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Surfing... a lot.

Been surfing everyday. Surf's been good and it's building... wow:

Post surf breakfast spot with a million dollar view and a nice cold beer. Pinch me, pinche.

It's tough... but someone's got to do it. I guess there's been some weirdness on the road with the local trafficantes... even rumors give you the yips around here- that might explain the lack of crowds.

Huevos rancheros, a pile of fresh corn tortillas... and service with a smile. Yes.

Here's a shot of the spot right out in front. The daily routine involves a surf up the road and an afternoon go-out in front of the casita. I could get used to this.

Here's our cool little breakfast spot- hand painted by Diana the local girl who puts together the best chile relleno you've ever tasted.

And inside that building are a couple of coolers packed with ice and, you guessed it, cold freshies.... the perfect workout recovery drink.

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Anonymous said...

8'6" is where its at perfect size for glam slam that left

Da Token Hawaiian said...

Right on John! Have fun brother and hope you get some good waves coming your way :)

I wish I was there...


John Ashley said...

Yeah Sam!

Let me know when you're ready and I'll get you all clued in... you'd kill this place

John Ashley said...

Trying to shwack it as hard as possible! 8'6 gets it done