Friday, April 15, 2011

How to eat a mango: Surfer food... mainland edition.

Esmerelda, the owner of the house that we're renting dropped off a bunch of ripe mangos and papaya. I'm not a fan of papaya, it tastes kind of like puke in my opinion. Mango, especially the little yellow variety that they have down here is something else- I love those mangos! Here's how you peel and eat a mango:

You need a sharp knife and you need a ripe mango- I prefer these little ones. The big green and red ones are okay but these are the best. In the states I've seen them called champagne mangos- grab a couple ripe ones.

Next, make a rum and coke to get in the mood- four count rum, handful of ice cubes and some coca cola (in the States I'll go with 7Up and spiced rum down here- clear rum).

The first slice is just to the side of the middle of the mango- you're trying to avoid the pit in the middle while producing a nice thick slice off the side. In the photo above, we'll be eating off the bottom piece of mango.

Take your knife and cut a grid pattern into the mango- easy now, don't cut your damn hand open- we know you've been drinking!

Now, flip the mango inside out and you'll have all these little mango nuggets fully exposed and ready for you to mash your face into- I like to sprinkle a little salt and chile on the mango... try it, you'll love it.

You get two slice off each mango, so after you're done macking the first side, pick up the mango and shave off the other side and repeat the first steps.

You also get the mango on either side of the pit. To get that part, you just peel the skin off the thin middle slice and jam your face into it.

If you're doing it right, then you should have mango chunks all over your face... and the rum should make you happy. In my case, check yes in both boxes.

Final note: If you have any papaya left over, throw it away.

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Stoke Harvester said...

"make a rum and coke to get in the mood" Love it! :P