Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mainland Mexico Surf Trip: A couple more photos

Just zeroing out the SD card on my camera- found a few more photos from our trip (planning my next one already...!).

I snapped this photo sitting at the restaurant, this was on the last day and you can see that a pretty good set is coming through the point. The waves here are really long, they're not the most powerful waves but they throw up all kinds of sections with little curves and kinks that you have to work through if you want to get the most out of it. I really like surfing here- it's a fun wave.
Here's the drying rack of our second story deck. The surf spot is literally steps away. When you're done with a session you hit the shower that's right in the front yard, climb the steps to the deck and ditch your wet trunks for some dry ones. If you're smart, you hang 'em up to dry- if you're really smart you tie 'em off like this so that the wind, or a curious iguana, doesn't take off with 'em.
This guy would show up in the morning on his horse carrying his surfboard. He'd tie off his ride and go for a surf, take off and then come back in the evening for another session. The people in the little town behind the surfspot are, in general, really friendly. The local surfers are stoked- the kids who surf here all the time really have it wired. I waited 'til the last day and caught this guy coming out of the water, walked right up to him and gave him a little regalo; six bars of tropical surfwax that Chad had left over- it's gold to those guys, expensive and tough to come by- he was stoked!

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Coach David Ambrose said...

Sick photo John! Way to go buddy. Want to join you on the next one!