Sunday, April 10, 2011

Back to the wave garden.... Mainland Mexico

Racing is great... but surfing RULES! Packing it all up for a week of warm water, waves and cold freshies. Yes. Here's a shot of the surf gear:

That's a Stu Kenson Pleasure Pig (6'6 x FAT), stringerless eps blank, epoxy and a whole lot of foam... gonna see how she runs on those long lefts. Of course the 8'6 Stamps Grim Ripper is coming along, two paddles, a few leashes and a bunch of tropical wax.

Check out the fin selection... all from Futures Fins. Coming along for the ride are three different set ups for the stando and a quad set up for the Pleasure Pig. More fin info to come once I get down and running.

Off for LAX at 5am and should be into a Bloody Mary by no later than 8am. Check back for the obligatory Bloody Mary surf trip shot!

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have fun you dicks adan