Saturday, August 9, 2008

Big Chad Report: FUN, FUN, FUN!

So here is my third attempt at keeping up with the master of Since "El Rey" is up the coast and cruising through the rivers and lakes of the Pacific Northwest I have been trying to keep up the site for him. Have any ideas for a post? Have pics? Want to get out of town and check out another spot? Let me know and let's put a post together. Get a hold of me at I am eager to get a video on here. Hopefully we'll get some good swell soon and we'll the get Camera Grom down on the beach. Get yourself in the water so I can capture some film and pics of you!

Not the biggest or the best waves this morning, but the water is warm and the surf is, as the post implies, fun. If you had a chance to get out there today you know what I am talking about. The majority of the waves coming through were kind of sloppy and doubling up, but every once in a a nice pier peeler would roll through.

The wind has been on it early lately so set your alarm, although today the wind came on and then backed off again, it had me running out there for seconds. Totally worth it for waves like this.

Had a lot of speed when I pulled out of this one and almost launched the entire board out of the water. I landed it but the next wave knocked me off.

It's fun out there, get out and get some!!

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Anonymous said...

I'm sitting here at work, drooling over your photos...

You're right - nothing epic but fun, fun fun - and mucho better than sitting in this dang cubicle!!

Chad said...

Ifeel sorry for you, today was another good one. But soon my summer will end I will be back to work as well. I feel for you.