Sunday, February 22, 2009

Big Chad left these here: Baja Adventure Photos

Big Chad left some photos on my blog and never posted them up. So I'm doing it for him. I think I know enough about what's going on here to make some captions:

This is what Mexican Secondary Inspection looks like. If you roll in with a 16' Hobie Cat on the racks you can probably expect our southern amigos to want to take a closer look. Wilson and Woody, rollin'.

If you've got it, why not bring it? There's a lot of exploring that can be done with a nice little shallow drafted catamaran like this one. Down south, the more options you have - the better.

Baja Beach camping; there's nothing quite like it. No reservations, no camp host, no firewood for sale, no sing-a-longs, no facilities... no worries!

The Baja sunset- your invitation to crack a freshy and start the fire. Easy living.


Chad said...

Thanks BRO!!

John Ashley said...

No problem! Now get out there and get us some more photos!