Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Got a couple of articles to finish up for you guys...

Wow- stoked to have a couple of email requests for more "How to" type pieces. I'm committed to writing a "Paddle-to-the-inside" top turn piece for surfing on your backhand but I think I'm going to crank out a "Hitting the lip on your forehand" article first- since I made a deal for it. So look for that tomorrow. I'm off to the sack right now- I'm cooked, a long day at the beach today and I want to be up for the dawn patrol tomorrow before the tide gets too high.

Never mind the pseudo-hippies (yes, they did bust out the juggling pins and drums) dirt camping in the background (soon to be run off the beach by the local police)- check out the clean Type 181... stock orange... makes me miss mine.

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