Sunday, January 2, 2011


In true surfer fashion... I'm extending this vacation an extra three days! Yes. Now we just need that swell to cooperate. Today may have been an indicator of things to come. It was super glassy- and really fun. Take a look:

How's this little nugget? Deacon nabbed this one on my 6'6 Stu Kenson Pleasure Pig. As the tide dropped, the surf just got better. Hopefully the little bump we got today is an indicator of something on the horizon. Check out all the fish in the wave.
Mind surf that one...
I even got a hold of a couple of those... glassy enough for you? Be sure to check out JWall's blog for more killer, super high reso photos from today's session. 
Please, please, please... let it build for the next couple of days! Photo courtesy of Jeff Wallis.

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