Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Some Wednesday morning shots... the surf continues.

Some fun waves this morning and lots of what look like gill netters right offshore- I hope these guys aren't interfering with the whales that are cruising by- some of those big guys were super close to the shore. Check out the next shot for proof.
Right off the beach.
Traveling partners.


Capt Ron said...

Thats a trawler looks like a shrimp boat but in that area I don't know what he is fishing for squid, sardines, anchovies ect. But no they want nothing to do with those whales not that they could even fit a whale in the mouth of a trawl net. With the planes on the front of the nets on that boat they are dragging deep. It would be realy bad for a whale to get entangled in a trawl though it would be bad for both whale and trawler. Looks like fun out there.
Capt Ron

John Ashley said...

Right on Capt. Ron, thanks for clearing that up- being a land kook I had no idea what kind of boat that was out there...

You mean whale fillet doesn't taste good?