Sunday, January 9, 2011

More photos...

Some of you may notice that a few of my photos aren't opening up into huge pictures like they usually do, right? Not to worry! It's my fault, I somehow instructed my camera to take smaller files- I've since corrected it. You should see some full sized, style photos coming back to you... in a couple of days. Until then, deal with these as best you can!

 Check out the cool little perch this home has carved into the street side. This town is full of interior and courtyard, "hidden" gardens as well as these quaint little spots, usually full of cool plants, that the locals hang out in during the cool evenings. There are many restaurants that look just like a plain door but once you enter them, they open up into big, lush, tropical gardens.
Honestly, the place is becoming kind of swank. There's an American owned wood-fired, pizza joint a Thai-fusion restaurant and a killer bakery (all I have to say is tres leches... feel me?). So it's swank.... but I like it! It's not blown out of proportion snobbiness it's just an availability of excellent food and services that are sometimes hard to find down here. I'm digging the direction the town is heading in.
The Pastry Shop... yumm.

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