Monday, January 31, 2011

What a week of stand up paddling- surfing and racing, all of it... unreal!

This past week was definitely one to be logged in the record books. For starters the surf would just not let up. We had north swells, west swells, north-west swells, south swells and the best... the combo swell situation throwing power wedges up and down the beach. Grinders groomed by offshore Nor' easterly winds, blowing back the tops and making everything.... KILLLER! I started my week at San-O surfing the 'Patch at sunrise. Check it out:

No, that's not the reactor fuel going to critical mass and teeing up a China Syndrome... the thermonuclear reaction you're looking at is hippy-friendly, it's organic and it's taking place 93 million miles from here... but still gnarly enough to light up the sky and get our day going at DogPatch.
The Patch was fun that day but what was really happening was much closer to home...
Later in the week, I got a chance to sample this... and it was FIRING! That's Kelly Kraus charging the shorepound.
There were waves going off everywhere... and the crowd was right. I got on it early and surfed 6' lefts all by myself.
To cap off the great week of surf, I was also pleased with my result at the Hanohano Race this weekend. It wasn't enough to win but it was an indicator that my work is starting to pay off. I'm super excited about improving on what I've done and even more excited about what I'll be surfing tomorrow.

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