Monday, January 17, 2011

Northern Baja Firing

I know this isn't a vid of someone ripping on a stand up board. I'm posting it for a couple of reasons:

1. Sean Fowler is a local boy and he's just effing making this wave pay on his little Stu Kenson twin fin... and since he's a bro and SK makes killer boards... why not?

2. This is a good example of what is just over the border in Northern Baja. The water may be cold but in the winter, that region fires... and just to the south of this particular spot is a land of reef breaks just tailor made for stando surfing... lots and lots of possibilities.

3. Good surfing is good surfing... dig?


Anonymous said...

Is that David Parra I also see in this video?
spiders brother

Anonymous said...

high tide san miguel did you check 3m