Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Vocab: Your Down South Spanish Lesson

Borracho: drunk. As in: Estoy borracho (I'm drunk).
Crudo: hung over. As in: Estoy crudo (I'm hungover).

Ready for your Spanish quiz? Read the caption below and see how well you've learned your new vocabulary: 

Saw this truck off in the bush this morning after surfing. This is what happens when you're borracho, your brand new F150 ends up all screwed up and your head goes through the windshield... which makes feeling crudo twenty times worse. Rumor has it (my friends pulled the truck free of the desert) there was a quarter full bottle of tequila on the floor of the truck and the old man who was directing the operation just cracked it and started swigging.... think he'll be borracho later on?

 How did you do?


Anonymous said...

Me gusta hablar espaƱol

John Ashley said...

Yo tambien! Gracias por su visita.