Monday, January 10, 2011

The opposite of swank... the best tienda in town!

I know, I know- I got you all nervous yesterday telling you how gentrified this place is getting. Well, all you have to do is walk around the corner and you're back in Mexico. For example, this is the best little tienda in town... it's on the way to the surf spot so it's an excellent place to stop and pick up beer and ice and the best part.... freshly, hand made flour tortillas.

Okay- the sign says Mini Super Campos and the building says California Star... this is the place for hot, fresh, flour tortillas. Nicest people in the world working in there too.
That's the owner, Juan, in the red cap. Juan makes the best refried beans I've EVER had. Really. If you are his friend, he'll throw together a bean burrito for you with a fresh off the grill tortilla, a big slice of queso fresco and some of those ridiculously good beans. He will not divulge the recipe... and believe me I tried to get it.

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Jeff Wallis said...


Wally knows all about those beans and the fresh hot tortillas every morning with a nice slice of queso fresco slapped on it and a nice cold coke in a GLASS bottle!

Juan and Mari came to our cottage and cook one hella good dinner for us. Totally cool people for sure and new friends for life!

Pueblo Magico really works in special ways. Thanks for allowing us to join the party and make the trip south this year!

Looking forward to next December!

Wally & Dedo