Friday, January 7, 2011

Worth the wait... waves!

If you've been following along (and you should... checking in at least three times a day!) then you know that I extended this trip to try to score a couple of the solid NW swells projected to hit. Yesterday was the day- it basically went off until around noon... then the wind came up but it was so sideshore that the lower racetrack was still very surfable. And practically empty. Check it out:

Early morning... thick and lumpy and really fun.
Unlike this guy, I wasn't going to sit around and watch it happen... on it!
Tailgate breakfast with a side of right hander....
I've seen this cat down here many times today I finally got a chance to meet him- and look who made his board! Enrique was ripping on this little Stamps quad fish. This shot is from the afternoon- check out the inside runner, protected from the wind and grinding.... yeeehaw.


Unknown said...

So jealous.

Anonymous said...

muchas gracias, juanito, for the magical, mystery tour of the peninsula. the visuals, sensuals, and tutorials were a fun read and generated many smiles. i really liked...ahh, never mind...i don't give a shit!!!

John Ashley said...

Anon: Um, okay.

Jake: Don't be- Baja is waiting for you.