Monday, April 25, 2011

Adventure! But first...

So this is how I spent most of my Easter:

Repacking hubs with fresh grease... sound fun? Not so much.
By the time you read this I'll be hundreds of miles up the coast, pulling this little beauty, dreaming about peace and tranquility. Or not- the twenty kids I'm taking up past Santa Barbara may put an end to the peace and tranquility part of the scenario- but hey, it's for a good cause and we're creating memories here.

How cool is that little trailer? I'm packing five trashcans of firewood, four coolers, ten pounds of pollo asada, ten pounds of carne asada, forty eight top sirloin hamburger patties, fifteen pounds of lunch meet, eight loaves of bread.... man it just goes on and on. Oh yeah, six stand up boards, oars and leashes... because you just never know if the little right point in front of the campground might decide to flip the "go" switch. You never know.


Unknown said...

Is that litle campground Refugio?

Sacred SUP waves there. Also fun to just paddle around the point north to check the coast and sealife.

I pack the family into El Capitan for camping and drive up to Refugion for day-surf.

Hope all is well brother.

Anonymous said...

Spiders Brother