Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Extended Christmas: New boards!

Santa's glasser elves came through! Check out these freshies!

Top two photos:
My new Mahi... The Piranha...a purpose built carve-beast. Can't wait to get it in the water. 10' x 29" x (too radical to talk about)! I'll say it again- if you go custom and you go with the right guy, you can get a board made for what you want to do- and for me, that's carve turns like a Ginsu through a ham hock. Are you ready? Give Stamps a call!

Bottom two photos: Joe P.'s new stand up board. Joe's been paddling for about a week now and I can tell he's a terminal case. I pulled a stalker move and watched him paddling at his own private spot (you know that I know, Joe), the guy's a natural. Paddled straight out and slid into a little reform- third time paddling. Guys like this are going to make us all look stupid.

Finally: Camera Grom is at it again. The kid is motivated, loves making videos and knows how to put them together. Check out his latest clip, taken just this morning- in what was almost nothing surf. If you see him, hook him up!


CB1 said...

Nice ride! Will this replace anything in your current quiver or are you just extending it? Is it too top secret to tell us about the bottom shape? :-) Can't wait to hear your report.

John Ashley said...

Hey cb1:

Not too secret. Tim made this one a bit racier- some vee leading into double concave into and through the fins.

A little trade off in stability with downsize and increased vee but the board does feel livelier. More data points to be logged and it'll take a couple of weeks to get her figured out but so far- I'm really excited about where the Mahi's come. Keeping it at 29" was important- tough to find any molded boards at 10' with 29" gut.

I'll keep you posted!