Monday, January 28, 2008

Mahi's Got a New Home: No it's not for sale.

The Mahi Version 1 is no longer with me- it's been sent up to the cold water and long, right point waves of Santa Cruz. Even though I've got a new board (M2, featuring the same "surf pickle" paint job) I have to say, I will miss the original. The wide diamond tail just gave it springs off the bottom, it was a fast board. There's now four others just like it (scaled up or down to match the height and weight of their owners- the beauty of the custom board) here in San Diego, kind of speaks to the effectiveness of the design.

Top and Middle: Mike on the Mahi 1 in Santa Cruz surfing one of the dozen right handers they've got in that town- yep, I'm jealous.

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Michael Ashley said...

Have no fear, the Mahi 1 is getting royal treatment here in Santa Cruz. As a matter of fact, she said she really likes long, fun, point breaks and that she was getting a little beat up on that beach break. I think she's really happy up here. I'm happy, too! Come up and you can ride her anytime.