Thursday, January 31, 2008

Make the Rain go Away!

The thing that sucks about rain for us here in California is that when it comes down in any amount you can count on the beaches being closed by pollution. I've been checking the surf everyday and it hasn't looked good, either the winds been on it or the water is so loaded with fecal coliform bacteria that surfing in it would be like frolicking in a septic tank. We may get a break for a couple of days this weekend, keep 'em all crossed because it's been five days without surfing and I'm going nuts.

Here's a little clip I did with some still photos. I'm learning about uploading to YouTube and I've found that the video gets choppy if you use too many short duration still photos. A while back I talked about doing a "birth of a paddleboard" piece- I think this video is pointing me in the right direction and I'm convinced it'd be an interesting project. I'll put it on my summer list (and my mind's going wild with the trips I want to do with the stand up board- somehow I'll find a way to do another Baja run!).


Anonymous said...

I don't know John, it's not looking that good outside, I'm dying for it to clean up...but this gives my hand a chance to seal up and it's almost there there definetly should be a trip planned soon and it gives me a chamce to sell my car

Anonymous said...

So will you be checking it out tomm. morning? I don't know how to get my borad down there?