Sunday, January 27, 2008

So SRFNFF was right: Windy, Rainy, Nasty

Thanks Gary (aka SRFNFF). Last night was brutal, rain coming sideways from the wind blowing so hard. Lots of rain. I checked the beach this morning and the runoff has turned the surfzone a milky brown color. The air at the beach smells like dirt. Yesterday's clean south swell lines are all torn up by a chaotic windswell, nobody is getting in the water today.

Here's a little clip from hard drive leftovers:


srfnff said...


Another great vid. I especially like the truck pulling up to the session at your "spot." Just like so many of us at our "spots." Keep up the good work.

As for me being "right." I am an unbridled thief and plagiarizer. The NWS just happened to be..."right."

John Ashley said...

Please let it clear, please let it clear... This new board is so fun all I can think about is surfing it! Hope you get some soon.