Saturday, January 5, 2008

No break in the Rain, Wind Cranking

Not a chance at surfing today. Wind was blowing the rain sideways! I don't know what's worse, wondering when your new board will be done or having it but not being able to use it (there's only so much staring at it you can do). Tomorrow?

Check out the WonderBolt: I've always wanted to make fin adjustments in the water, this thing makes it easy. How about my custom fin indexing? I'm set at 6" off the tail. Amazing what a case of Cabin Fever can get you to do.

Last: He's part pitbull, part Yoda, part GreyHound: It's Cowboy holding down the fort.
Photo: El Tigre


Anonymous said...

I have seen the board (not in action though). It is sweet!

John Ashley said...

Hey Sauchet-

Can't wait to get it in the water!!! Tomorrow for sure. Thanks for the compliment- Stamps makes great boards.