Friday, October 1, 2010

"All I want to do is T-Bone some expensive carbon fiber sh#t!".... Battle of the Paddle!

That quote heard on the beach at DogPatch today. By the way, there were all kinds of international paddle stars out surfing 'Patch this morning. And why not? It was sunny and glassy and there were even a couple waves to be had (chest high, fun).

That's a bikini and, yep, it's October- two of the nicer things in life: bikinis and warm water in October.
Coolest thing I saw were guys riding their stock race standos in and out through the surfline. And not just managing it either- they were actually turning the boards and making them work. Super cool. I don't think it's supposed to be too big tomorrow but I do think with a falling tide there will be potential for some chili con CARNAGE. I'll be racing the age division surfboard class four mile course on my first stand up board- a Sean Ordonez Big Red popout... and yes, I'll be looking to t-bone some sh#t.

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