Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Paddle Sale: 2 Quick Blade full carbon surf paddles... $390!

Two for the price of one! These are my old surf paddles: QuickBlade Kanaha Blades with upgrade prepreg shafts. The prepreg shafts are stronger, lighter and stiffer than the stock shafts, they are the same shafts found on the new QB Elite Racer paddles which retail for $400/paddle. The paddles are cut at 76" so they're perfect if you're 5'10" and under. Short paddles are the way to go for surfing- allowing you to move the paddle across the board faster for blistering cutback action...yeowww get some!

The paddles are in excellent condition. The one on the right is practically brand new and is a travel paddle meaning that it has been cut in half and had a carbon fiber ferrule inserted. This was done at the QuickBlade factory as a special order for me- the paddle slides together and is held in place with electrical tape. Sounds crazy but this is how Jim Terrell set it up for me and it works great. The travel paddle has the soft, velour handle. Using that paddle is like cruising your grandpa's El Dorado- it's that plush... plush deluxe if you will.

I'd prefer a local sale (Southern California) but will box and ship at your expense. Great deal on a couple of excellent paddles.

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