Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Whoa... some good ones out there today! Photo heavy post.

High pressure, northeasterly winds and a nice mixed swell... wow- what a fun day of surf!

Photo: Art, if you see this- you should have gone- this wave was epic!

Photo: Pinch yourself...

Photo: for missing...

Photo: this wave.

Photo: The thing just kept peeling! 

Photo: To be fair, he did snag a couple of good ones...

Photo: pArt II

Photo: Grinding rights and lefts.

Photos: There were barrels up and down the beach. Check out Manny Vargas on the inside with his double camera set up getting the shot (and HD video?) of some unknown ripper.

Photo: Another shot of Manny from way up the beach (I like to get an angle on the wave I'm shooting- makes the shot a bit more interesting).

Photo: Pete in his usual spot. This photo is kind of Mondrian-ish in a distorted kind of way, eh?

Photo: It was a great morning to get out on the beach. Sunny warm days always bring out the cute girls- ain't life grand? 

Photo: Parting shot... wow.

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Unknown said...

Argh! Why do I have to work on days like this?! As soon as my project is over I'm spending a solid week out at San-O.