Saturday, October 9, 2010

Friday's Surf Shots: Thanks Wally!

Wally comes through again- thanks dude! I don't know what he's shooting with but that thing's got some sweet glass on it and the photos are tack sharp:

Photo: Cutback, paddle to the inside... my favorite turn in stand up paddle- shoulders lead the way, hips follow, everything working together.

Photo: Javi jumped into the game, snagged the wave of the day (Friday was a meager day- somehow Javi nabbed a chest high runner) and quickly ditched that wetsuit jacket- it was that nice.

Photo: Snap-o-la. Javi's heading to Bali for a month- his question to me: Should I bring the stando? Um, are you kidding me?

Photo: Here's the converse of the turn at the top of the page... this one's a cutback/snap with the paddle to the outside. Fun stuff.

Photo: Paddle planted, this is when the back foot starts pushing the tail through the turn.

Photo: I do things a bit differently than some at this point- instead of laying back onto the blade, I pull through the turn as if I were taking one big powerful sweep with the paddle. The layback style turns are really cool too- I still haven't figured them out!

Photo: Can you hear the grunt? This is where I'm really pushing hard with the back foot- you can see my left hip is coming through the turn too. It's a strange turn, your shoulders are going one way while your hips are going the other- it's the ol' Rumplestiltskin manuever, stomping so hard you're ripping yourself in half.

Photo: Finishing it out. Now if I could just figure out how to reverse my board fast enough to smack it off that little chunk of whitewater coming at me.


Jeff Wallis said...


Anytime I can get the right conditions you can count on some good pix brother! Hopefully next week will give us a couple days to make it happen again. Glad your diggin the pix!


John Ashley said...

Yeah Wally!

Maybe Thursday... I'm feeling a little, cough, cough, sick...

kevin said...


Jeff Wallis said...


Your pix will be up on my blog,check'em out!!