Friday, October 8, 2010

A couple of beautiful days... with surf too!

Yesterday and today were straight up out of the "It's-Fall-in-California" playbook. And yesterday, the surf was super fun- I logged a four hour session including a golden hour with just two other people in the water. We deserved it too- especially after dealing with almost an inch of rain and gloom. Here's a couple of shots from this morning. Better surf shots from yesterday are supposedly in the mail:

Photo: The water was nice and warm too- about 68 degrees which is a ten degree bump from where it was most of the "Summer". Here's Matt Wilson snaggling a southside runner.

It was pretty small out there today compared to yesterday- but if you were lucky and patient you probably found a little corner to work out a "summer's" worth of creakiness.

One more for the road. It's supposed to get even smaller over the next two days- I've got a race at La Jolla Shores and will probably just want to take it easy on Sunday so it's no big deal to me- but we're scheduled for some surf after that. Let's just keep our fingers crossed for sunshine!

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