Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rain List

 I miss global warming. It's pouring rain right now here in San Diego in what is typically one of our most beautiful months. Here's my rain list.

1. Free lawn irrigation.
2. Sewage runoff. 
3. Bookstore perfection.
4. Is this the year my roof leaks?
5. Time to make potato soup.
6. You can still paddle (flatwater).
7. Bike ride to work? Bummer.
8. Mid-day nap promoter.
9. Late morning paper with a cup of coffee and a pastry? Perfect.
10. May produce glassy surf conditions (keep an eye on it).
11. Beach puddle crashing in the 4x4.
12. New Zealand dreaming (24 long hours in a tent blown sideways on the Wairarapa coast).
13. Wet dog.
14. Internet time warp.
15. Surf trip day dreams. 

What's on your list?


Andy Gere said...

We had some rain in Santa Cruz on Sunday--I went surfing. It was glassy and fun, but everybody stayed inside to watch football and I shared the mid day low tide conditions with just a few folks. Score!

John Ashley said...

The magic rain glass off... watch for it, it happens every now and then! Score!