Friday, October 15, 2010

It's on m#$%###%%ers... Dempsey Contest Ready to Go!

Bring your "A" game people. My call: Watch out for Kristy Murphy- that woman has got skills. If it's thick and juicy- Ross and Nelz look tough to beat. Reigning champs Kelly Kraus and Mike Gillard are curiously absent... are we seeing mind games at work here? Anybody predicting a last minute entry by one of these two warrior/poets (probably the most overused cliche out there... except for the word uber... which, when used by some turtlenecked hipster, makes me want to impale my own eyeball with an olive fork)?

Top three advance- which means one of us is going to get the ol' Nancy Kerrigan kneecap treatment on the way to the water.
Go K-junk! 

Surf was super fun tonight- supposed to build tomorrow. Let's hope it throws us a corner or two for Sunday.


Anonymous said...

vatch out, uber-man, for contestant in dark turtleneck...may olive fork you!

hans and franz

Paddle Surf said...

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Unknown said...

Hey John,
It was great meeting you saturday morning at the dogpatch. Love the blog and the pictures. Hope I run into you again out there, preferably when there's more sun!


John Ashley said...

Hey Jake-

Nice surfing with you too!

Definitely could use some sunshine but the surf was still fun. Let me know if you've got anything good to post up- always looking for interesting stuff!

John Ashley said...

Thanks for the warning H and F!