Monday, October 25, 2010

It always happens about now...

It doesn't take much to make me start dreaming about my annual southern migration. Especially when it's started raining again and our winter run of cold water is right around the corner. I find myself dreaming about the grainy white sand and gin clear water of my favorite southern Baja surfspot. I'm even looking forward to the twenty hour drive down to it- that's an adventure worth doing at least once in a lifetime.

Photo: Baja becomes Lowers... with better parking.

Photo: Wide open- just like we like it. This beach is a hundred miles to the north of our spot a point with a left on the north side and a right on the south- take your pick.

Photo: Our little hideaway is filled with killer buildings- locally constructed from brick. It's funny to see the gringo interpretation of Mexican architecture, the homes they build are usually half Alamo set reproduction and half Wiley Coyote cartoon house. To them, that's Mexico.  

Last year we lucked into some serious surf. There were a couple days that were outside of my comfort zone- I ended up shooting photos off the beach, watching guys on prone boards score big right-hand tubes all the way across the point. I also watched luckless surfers on the inside take ten wave sets right on the head- floundering around in the churning impact zone when their cords snapped like dry spaghetti.

Being scared and drowning in comfortably warm water is a whole different version of the surfer's nightmare. It's equally as stomach churning as the lonely, cold water ordeals we occasionally face here in California, it's just a soothing version of drowning. Heavy water preparation is always important- even when it's warm and inviting. Hopefully, my race workouts will pay off when it's my turn in the wash cycle but you never know until you're there in it, by then it's too late for regrets. Actually, it's too late for anything but swimming for your life.

Photo: It's out there, go get it.

We're excited to head south- fired up to load up the rig and eat up some Baja miles, excited for the adventures that lie just down the road. I hope you've got something on your paddle horizon to fire you up- I can't wait to hear all about it!

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