Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Love it when there's surf!

First of all let me thank Sandra P. for these killer shots- she's our newest surf-shutter bug and she's killing it (she must have had a good teacher). Hope you've been out snagging a few- the last couple of days have served up some pretty fun surf. The water's even warmed up. Now we just need some good, ol' sunshine to remind us that, yes, we do live in Southern California.

Photo: Love it when there's enough grunt out there to push against- especially coming off the bottom. I've been experimenting lately with the position of my middle Gerry Lopez Future Fin (this is pretty much my go-to fin selection- I honestly haven't found anything better out there). Amazing how quarter inch adjustments can radically change the behavior of your board. I made the mistake of pushing the fin up just a little too much and found myself losing drive off the bottom. A quick adjustment and I was back in the groove again. Take it easy when you're making changes- and if possible, mark the box so you have a frame of reference.

Photo: I know, I've got three or four shots of this turn but it's such a fun one to do. If it's not in your bag of tricks, practice it in the white wash as your riding towards the shore. Just plant your paddle and turn against (and away from) it. It's a pretty easy one to do once you've got the timing down. I also like this one because Sandra's got the horizon all level- sweet!

The surf is supposed to pick up for the weekend- keep your fingers crossed for good wind and weather to go with it.

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Jeff Wallis said...


Thanks for posting up some of the pix from my student in training! She is getting the hang of it and enjoying it as well! Now if I can just convince (LEADFINGER) to let off the fire button once in awhile LOL!