Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Board Meeting: Here's what we're racing

The racing thing has been pretty exciting. Not only has it opened up a whole new venue of stand up paddling for me, it's also given me a new range of stand up boards to check out and learn about. Here's a couple shots of the boards we've been racing down here:

Photo: Our three boards. Up top is Kiwi with his newest Stu Kenson shaped 12'6" that I call the Demon. He's had a couple of great results on it winning the overall Stock division at this weekend's King's Race for the 6 mile course and taking second at the Battle of the Paddle in the Stock Distance course for the 40 - 49 age division. The middle board is Kiwi's old race board and the bottom is the stock Tim Stamps race board that I've been paddling. That's Dave Parra and Stu having a look at the boards.

Photo: Lots of volume in the squared off tail- kind of a ghetto booty. This type of tail was common at the Battle of the Paddle especially in Danny Ching's 404 race boards. Super boxy and full of foam, probably great for catching any bump as you run downwind as well as providing a large amount of stability.

Photo: The nose is pretty pulled as well- the board is only about 26" wide at its midpoint. A cool board and a cool paint job.

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