Monday, December 3, 2007

Baja Bad: The Readers Speak!

The Baja Bad piece blew up. The counter spiked like the Geiger counter in San-O's cooling pond. While I don't like to be alarmist, I thought that the situation south of the boarder needed to be addressed; and the two tips I gave are important for anybody heading south.

For those interested in more detailed accounts, you can read about the Baja 1000 incident here. Details about the robbery at Cuatros Casas can be found here and here. More robberies in the Cuatros area here. And the most harrowing of all of them (because I hear the story firsthand from one of these guys) can be read here.

Still in the works: From Cradle to Grave: Making a Stand Up Paddleboard. The stars and planets are aligning, palms are getting greased and lips loosening. Who knows? We may get a story out of this after all!

Top Photo: Not my board- but just as sweet. A new 9'0 that looks good enough to steal. This board is meant to harm waves.
Photo: Cowboy

Bottom: Unofficial photograph number 2 (see if you can look back and find the first unofficial photo I posted). Stand up blanks... and the men who birth them. Machine meets man, testosterone meets technology- the only thing left to do now is ask, "Quien es mas macho...?"

Photo: Tucker 007

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