Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Buy this One: The Alligator- DownWind Cruiser/Wave Killer

Downwind fanatics, coastal cruisers and open ocean swell riders- this one is for you. Stu Kenson is selling the Alligator: 100 % Carbon Fiber/Epoxy Construction, 11'6", Five Fin Boxes, Concave deck, custom hot-rod shop paint. This board looks good, surfs good and paddles UNREAL.

If you're doing the big mile down wind paddles this is the one you're looking for- light strong and surf-able! I've done six-mile quick runs with prevailing winds here in California- this thing glides and surfs open ocean swells like a much smaller board.

If you're looking for a board to do it all, and you like the special properties of carbon fiber, this is your board. This is an opportunity to buy a board that is next to impossible to order (carbon is scarce these days and Stu likes to use what he's got on special projects = tough to get him to make a big board like this out of the good stuff). Contact Stu Kenson for further details!.


linter said...

man, that is one yummy looking board. do you know how wide it is? and how much he wants for it?
not that i can buy it, i'm just interested ...

John Ashley said...

Hey Linter-

That board is 29" wide. I'm 220 and the thing cruises with me on board. Concave deck is super comfy in tippy conditions. You'd have to contact Stu for a price. He'll be at Surf Expo in Florida- if you're out that way you should go talk to him- he's super in to design stuff. A true master! Drop him an email.

Good Luck-

Anonymous said...

How do I send you some pics? I live on Maui and on the leading edge of sup here. I have some shots of D. Kalamas new gun and an 18' sup for your neck of the woods. there are no 100% carbon fiber boards only reinforced with carbon. I'm new to computers but learning fast. I'm used to just attaching pics to e-mails, what do I do to get them to you? you will not be disapointed. I feel your pain having to go into that ocean where you live, its your choice aloha b

John Ashley said...

Hey Twobutch-
I'd love to see (and post) what you've got! Send 'em to me as attachments at and I'll put 'em up- and send me a little write up about what you've got as well as contact info and voila! you've just got yourself some free publicity!