Friday, December 7, 2007

Reader Submissions: And Mind Surf The Last One

The last of it- at least for now. Here's a couple of reader submitted photos from around San Diego County. The tentacles reach to all corners of our little city, especially when our spiderweb of contributors keeps sending in killer photos like these. Thanks guys, feel free to snake me a couple of times in return.

Top Photo: Mysterious macker about to detonate on some guy's melon, check out the little black dot deepest in the pit- that's his head. Ouch.

Second: Symmetry. Check out how the fan of the snap is almost perfectly mirrored in the fall of the lip. By the way, that's a pretty hefty hack.

Third: Many miles to go on this endless, back lit wall- legs don't fail me now!

Top Three Photos: An.All.

Last Photo: Sent to me by Alexis at FCS- where you been Alexis?

Mind surf this Blacks beast. Let's see, pull hard to get all that stand up board in early, watch as the nose just skims the water as you make the drop into the pit- hold off from your turn for a millisecond...then lay it all over at once, power up the fins and rail and just bury the tail, now ease off and drift up the face a little, it's all finesse here, back off the inside rail just a touch, pick your line, set your rail and watch the curtain fall. Get spit out. Paddle out and do it again. Sounds pretty straightforward right? Now go get some!

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