Saturday, December 29, 2007

On the road: Santa Barbara Cruising

Quick post: Just got back from a nice couple of days of paddling with friends. Check out our little run up the coast. Surf was super small but the paddling was nice, can't wait to hit SB when something good is happening. Check back for a full report.

For your information: I've been getting some requests to post boards and other products on the blog. As you can see, I do post select boards for sale from shapers who I support and whose products I believe are some of the best out there. If you are a shaper/designer and would like for me to post a board or are interested in meeting with me, the best way to contact me is by email: you can also send attachments and documents to me at that address. Educate me, inform me and/or entertain me- all are worthwhile endeavors.

I'd also like to personally thank surfer Kathy and her friend for sharing those little waves with my friends and me. Open invitation: Let me know if you're ever in SD and I'll get you on a couple of boards.


Anonymous said...

fun day john....we'll do it again

John Ashley said...

Way to fire up. A little bit of road work but well worth it!

Anonymous said...

good stuff this morning Mr. A it was a great comeback I hadn't paddled since before thanksgiving almost...

Anonymous said...

Hey John,
Nice to meet you out there. Glad it was a good day and the waves held up with the high tide.
(Is that me at 1:00?)

John Ashley said...

Hi Kathy-

Yes that's you at the one minute mark. Sorry about the resolution- and I just missed the four second barrel ride you got right before I hit the record button, so the world will never know!

Thanks again, you've got a sweet spot up there.

John Ashley