Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cold Morning Waves

Ridiculously cold this morning. Forty five degrees on the beach making the water warmer then the air. The light offshores brought the temperature down a couple more notches each time they'd whistle through. Today I featured, "the standing ice cream headache", guess it comes with the upright nature of our surfing. I've got nothing to complain about compared to what guys on the East coast are dealing with, even my brother in Santa Cruz is reporting iced up windows and lawns. Any sane person probably would've passed today- but where's the fun in that? The surf has diminished slightly but there were still some fun ones to be had and Marla scored some of her longest waves today; getting better every time! Here's some clips from this morning remixed with some from yesterday.

MichaelF wrote in asking me what's up with all the videos lately. Answer: Shooting and editing video is vastly easier then putting an original thought to paper, er, to monitor. I think that's why there's so many video bloggers out there- it's just way less work and takes much less creative energy. At this moment, I'm working on a large stand up surfing project, it's sucking up most of my writing time and energy- so, since I'm committed to posting daily (why, I have no idea) I'm taking the easy route. And, I have to say it is a different kind of fun.

Now as far as editing and posting- Camera Grom, my fearless video partner along with FuzzNugget productions posted the Sunday "Church" piece. All other pieces are mine. It's been super fun working with CG, the kid's super reliable and technology savvy (read: smarter then me). If I were you MichaelF, I'd give him all your footage and the music you want put to it (or else you might get the clown music) toss him a donation and he'd probably pull it together for you. By the way this is a shameless plug for Camera Grom- anybody interested feel free to contact me at


Anonymous said...

I am so jealous of how glassy your wave conditions are. It's not likely that we can escape our trade winds in Hawaii. I also agree on the videos...way easier than writing. Keep up the good work.


John Ashley said...

Evan- are you kidding me? Those shots of what you guys have going there are KILLING me!

As far as video- here's the part I didn't write (and I know you'll agree with me here) once you start shooting them they are totally addictive!!! Problem for me now is I'm trying to figure out a way to pick up a better cam (one of those HD versions looks sweet).

Secondly, once you start the editing process- you're dropping into a black hole that will suck away hours in the blink of an eye.

And third- people love 'em! No wonder YouTube is such a hit.

So keep knockin' them out- we're ALL watching them!

You guys are killing it over there- does the phrase "slave to the site" mean anything to you? I know how much time this takes- with the volume you're putting out, you must be nuts!

And, oh yeah- the water's cold here. I think you win.

John Ashley