Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Stu Kenson Stand Up Boards: Kiwi's New Custom Shape

Kiwi's torturous wait is over. His new custom SK stand up board is ready for pick up. Tomorrow, we're out there! Good for Kiwi and great for me because I've been due for a trip back to the magician's shop. Stu's always got something new brewing up there and if I can get a peek at it, that's a good thing for me and you.

Now I'm not going to reveal any trade secrets but I will tell you that I am going equipped with my trusty spy cam and syringe of sodium penathol. Shoot, if I have to water board the guy, I will. I'm looking for follow up information regarding the develoment of new blanks and some vacuum bagging lamination schedule that he dropped on me a few months ago (and you thought I wasn't really listening- gimme a break). We'll see how it works out. Check back tomorrow evening for the full scoop.

Top Photo: Stu-dizzle fo'shizzle- or, whatever.

Photo: Chuck Forsbergentoff

Bottom Photo: You likey, I likey- man, I like them all; board fetish anybody?

Photo: Gustav Klimpt


NC Paddle Surfer said...

Can you explain what the difference is between Kane Garden and Stu Kenson boards? Are they both shaped by him and owned by him? Confused!

Will Stu be at SurfExpo in Jan? It looks like I'm going to SurfExpo this year. My first time!

Anonymous said...

john need update on blanks,v-bag.i know you did not surf today.it was crap in pb.one guy made it out on a sup.on a 10-6 c4 paddled right to the point. very lucky but the surf was no good.so get to ya blog.capt neg9

John Ashley said...

How do you know these things Capt. Neg9? And, you're right, didn't get in- but go check out www.surfingsports.com and click on their SB pointbreaks pictures- that's where we should've been!

Anonymous said...

john crystal ball.going over bridge at 1pm glass on the bay weird.getting new rig if there is info on new blanks.shout back.captneg9

John Ashley said...

Info on new blanks is "proprietary" at this moment- stay tuned, leaks may be in the offing.

Anonymous said...

alright 007.captneg9