Thursday, December 6, 2007

Video Update: Big... No Takers

It's great to have the camera back. I have to say, this little camera with its SD memory card and an IMac make throwing up videos pretty darn easy. Uploaded the clips, edited them out and slapped some AC/DC over it in about twenty minutes. Pretty sweet, makes me want to do more surf vids- we'll see. Here's a couple of clips of yesterday's beach break. Like the title says, there were no takers.

Couple of video highlights to check out: First, there's the outer, mysto, sandbar bombie that was probably a quarter mile out, cloudbreaking and then rolling through. Second, check out the last wave- just a fat left rolling into the pier for at least a hundred yards. Third, imagine yourself trying to stand up paddle through all of that nastiness. I just don't see how you could punch through a wall of whitewater that's six foot high- the guys in Hawaii are probably handling this no problem. I'd love to see it.


Anonymous said...

i guess that was a neg9 on the paddle out.

John Ashley said...

Hey Capitan Neg9: I haven't been in the water in so long, I don't even know which end of the paddle is the business end. Maybe by Sunday?

Ponobill said...

Looks a lot like Oregon. I constantly fool myself into believing I can get out. Bang around a half hour and give it up.

John Ashley said...

Welcome PonoBill: The way I look at it is, half an hour of trying to paddle out or half an hour on the treadmill- I'll take the beating. Plus, chicks dig it.